coconut husk powder, incense sticks, stones, orange and herbs on a white wooden plank. This is a pictorial description of the ingredients used in making this hand-rolled incense sticks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since ancient times honey has been used in Incense Making traditional incenses. Wild raw honey is a natural binding agent of fine powders used in Incense making. Honey has a warm sweet aroma which mixed with essential oils and spices elevates the overall experience.

Coconut activated charcoal is made from coconut husk, and it is clean and sustainable.

It is odorless and Non-toxic and does not contain chemical agents that can contaminate.

One of the best ways to enjoy an lit incense stick is to keep it in a corner and let the aroma spread.

Ensure to plenty of space above and around the lit incense stick.

Use only in well ventilated places.

No. Please do not ingest.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Lot of our customer like Calm and Rewild for doing meditation and Yoga.

Natural fragrance oils, the kind we use at Looshi, are derived from essential oils. Essential oils have many aromatic properties. To create our intentional blends, we extract a specific portion of these compounds from the essential oil.

This extraction process enables us to capture the desired aromatic essence.

Yes, the fragrance oils we use are carefully selected and comply with safety standards. They are non-toxic and safe for use in our natural incense products.