Our origin

In 2020 we began to experience changes in how we inhabit our home. With new habits and routines, we needed to resignify our spaces while adapting to a new way of life.  We started Looshi to help rediscover our homes and enjoy it in a new and fulfilling way.

We believe that like music and colors, aromas have the power to transform our mood and actions. And so, we created Looshi: handcrafted, sustainable and conscious incense for you and your spaces in this new world we’re living in. We truly hope you enjoy them as we've enjoyed creating them for you.

our belief

Aromas have the power to transform our mood & actions.

our mission

To enhance the enjoyment of your everyday routines and meaningful moments, with Indian-inspired lush aromas.

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Using natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients, let’s resignify your favorite spaces together.

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