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our origin

in 2020, the whole world underwent a major collective change.
This global phenomenon affected us all in many ways — we wanted to
do something about it.

As citizens of the planet, we were all affected in ways big and small. Our spaces shifted — they had to accommodate both our work lives and our home lives. The lines between being “on the clock” versus “off-duty” became less clear, and this altered the way we feel in our homes.

That’s why we created Looshi. We want you to reimagine the way you inhabit your space. We make products that help you design a space that gives you joy — a place you can relax, dream, and rest. A place where your soul can stretch and your imagination can play.

Our Mission

To add intention and purpose to the ways we inhabit our living spaces.

Feeling good is self-care for the soul,
that’s why we create products that boost joy and positively affect mood.

We believe that shifting our habits can move — and improve — our mindset.

what we believe

creating balance and harmony in your surroundings is a form of self-care. aromas, colors, and textures have the power to transform our moods and actions.

By acting with intention to create a space in which our bodies and minds can feel calm, secure, and relaxed, we are taking affirmative steps toward good mental health.

When we tailor our spaces to best serve our sensibilities, we create an intention for ourselves, using crafted aromas that help us practice mindfulness and tune in to our best selves.

What does that look like in practice? Adding a step to your typical routine could mean using a soothing pillow spray each night as you turn out the light to help you create a healthy bedtime practice, or lighting incense at the end of your workday to signal to your body and mind that it’s time to release the stresses of the office and ease into the evening with grace and calm.

Small changes in routine can add up quickly when it comes to mindfulness and mental health. Creating a space in which you feel comfortable, supported, and enthusiastic about positive progress is essential to your ongoing success.

let’s resignify your favorite spaces together.