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sustainable & ethical

Creating Looshi incense is a labor of love. We ensure that all of our partners are aligned with our values of sustainable, ethical production and natural, organic ingredients.

We work with artisans in small Indian communities to create our incense according to traditional methods passed down through generations.

We are proud to be a positive force in creating income and employment for the skilled women who lovingly manufacture our signature scents.


local, organic, made with love

At Looshi, we utilize natural, organic materials from sustainable sources whenever possible. We source our ingredients near the communities where our incense is made, and work with experienced local suppliers and producers who are aligned with our values and principles.

Raw Honey

We procure raw honey directly from beekeepers from different regions across Southern India, ensuring that our honey is sustainable and from a known source. Wild, raw honey produces a soft, warm, and sweet aroma when burned.

Wood Powders

Our wood mixtures are obtained directly from our essential oils suppliers. Natural wood powders containing essential oils provide an aromatic experience unlike any other, and are a key component in the rich, layered scents of Looshi incense.

Coconut Charcoal

We get our coconut shells from coconut-oil processing units. Typically, coconut shells would be thrown away after the inner pulp is extracted. Using the activated charcoal derived from theses shells is one of the most sustainable ways to procure coal, as it does not contain any of the harsh chemicals used to mine coal, and the smoke from coconut shells is not harmful.


safe, clean & sustainable


Usually made with traditional coal, that is unsustainable. Most of them also use harsh bleaching chemicals.

Use harsh chemical solvents to mix and dissolve the essential oils. This might dilute the oil, lessening its effect (and aroma!).


Looshi uses coconut shells — a sustainable,
clean resource that is bleach-free.

Made from all-natural ingredients. Free from unnecessary additives and chemicals. A cleaner-burning, better incense experience, with less chance for smoke irritation.

respect for the world we live in