Emotional Escape Rooms: Create A Safe Space At Your Home

The next time you feel overwhelmed with life and want a break, you don’t have to go as far as a jungle retreat in the...

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The Simplicity of Lighting Incense Sticks

Introduction to Incense If you're looking to add a touch of aroma and ambiance to your space, lighting an incense stick is a simple and...

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Sensory Space: Design Your Space To Please Your Senses

Creating a home environment that’s a reflection of your heart, soul and mind is key to how you feel. It’s your haven where you can...

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Want To Feel Happier? These Aromas May Be Useful To You

You walk into your living room and you smell your favorite aroma in the air. Your lips curved into a smile, didn’t it? Yes, aromas...

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3 therapeutic reasons to add incense to your routine

Incense aromas light up your thoughts and clear your mind in therapeutic ways. They take you where your heart wants to go but your mind...

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How many incense should I burn a day?

Burning an incense is an escape into themselves for some. Incense freshens up the living space with the magic of aroma for others. And some...

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