Our incense

Feel special with gentle aromas in all your moments.


Wood Chips

Bark chips of native SouthEast Asia trees like sandalwood and aloeswood lend their energy.

activated coconut charcoal

A safe and eco-friendly alternative to charcoal made from coconut husk carries the aroma.

essential oils

Essential oils and fragrance oils sourced ethically from across the world enhance our incense.

Ailanthus Malabarica

A resin paste made from this evergreen tree is the heart of our earthy incense paste.

Wild Raw Honey

Wild honey adds an aura of warmth to aromas through its traditional incense making.


Our incenses are made in small batches using traditional methods and handcrafted responsibly in support of amazing local women thus ensuring the best quality.


Made with clean ingredients, sourced ethically and sustainably from tropical forests in India. Free from charcoal and any toxic substance. We are doing our best to make Our World a more mindful place.