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Daily Routines Can Influence
Our Mental Health

Some of the most common mental ailments could be the result of our daily habits — kind of how a person’s diet affects how they feel physically, a person’s mental health is impacted by the things we do every day.

If you don’t get enough sleep, work through lunch, and spend hours and hours looking at your computer screen, tablet, or phone, you are probably going to feel the results of these behaviors. You might experience insomnia, anxiety, an inability to “turn off” at the end of the day, and trouble concentrating.

Over time, this kind of workaholic behavior can lead to burnout, high stress levels, and a general feeling that your life is out of balance. That’s why it’s important to develop healthy mental health habits.

Just like you would re-evaluate your diet if you were experiencing stomach pain, fatigue, or allergic reactions, you need to take stock of your habits when it comes to mental health, too.

Establishing Healthy Habits
For A Healthy mind

Transitioning from the workday to your off time is crucial to give your brain a chance to rest and recharge. Just like any other muscle in your body, the brain requires fuel, exercise, and rest in order to perform at optimal levels.

end of day routine

At Looshi, we believe that finding balance is a huge part of good mental health. Not only do you need to establish firm boundaries between work time and play time, you should put healthy habits in place that help you keep those worlds separate.

A routine at the end of the workday should include shifting your perspective and changing your space so your mind and body recognize that it’s time to let go of the stresses of the day and move into a new phase.

try these easy steps for a mindset shift



This is an easy way to help shift your space from workday to rest. When you light a candle, set an intention and take a couple of minutes to quiet your mind and close your eyes.


Incense can be another easy way to help alter the atmosphere and provide a clear separation between modes. Choose a favorite aroma and breathe deeply as you close one chapter and open another in your day.

It’s no secret that bright lights aren’t very relaxing and can make it difficult for you to wind down. Turn down the lights, draw the curtains, or change the lighting to a quieter, more restful setting in order to help slow your thoughts and ease into a peaceful mindset.

Sharing The Word
About Mental Wellness

In many parts of the world, mental health can be sidelined as unimportant or inconsequential. At Looshi, we believe that good mental health habits are important, and that the daily routines we develop as self-care have the power to change the way people live and how they think about themselves and others. Understanding that how we choose to take care of ourselves has an impact on the way we feel and on our overall wellbeing is an important part of living full, healthy lives.

Looshi has committed to donating 5% of our profits to help draw attention to mental health issues and spread awareness about how addressing mental health on a personal level can help make big changes in communities worldwide.

mental health is self—care