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Looshi Incense is a range of hand-rolled incenses, each designed to enhance and support your desired intention.

Our Incense

Our incense is handcrafted, sustainable, eco-conscious and made according to a traditional Indian method.

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Looshi is a wellness company committed to providing products that inspire mindfulness. By creating daily rituals and giving significance to our spaces, we enhance well-being and live better and more consciously.

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Sustainable & Ethically Made

Looshi incense is made with natural, sustainable ingredients, locally sourced from tropical forests in India. Our incense is free from charcoal and any other toxic substance.

Handcrafted in small batches using traditional Indian methods that have been passed down through generations, each incense is responsibly and lovingly hand-rolled using naturally derived ingredients.

we believe that self—care starts at home

Our incense is designed to make your space feel good — and help you create rituals and habits to be your best self.

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