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9 Ways To Transform Your Living Space To Feel Like You

After spending years of time in your living space, suddenly, do you find it lacking some liveliness? You’re not the only one. We’ve all been there at one point.

We decorate our home according to the mindspace we are in. If you’ve spent many months or a few years at the same place, you've probably outgrown your home.

"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them." – David Hicks

So, if your home doesn’t feel like you, it’s best to re-do it. Some of us are so busy, we ignore the thought and let it go because time is not everyone’s friend. Some of us don’t know how to translate our vibe and add it to our living space.

Transforming your space is a truly wonderful practice. It helps you relax, recharge and cheer up while re-doing your home to match your current frame of mind.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve curated a bunch of small yet significant ways to mindfully transform your space. The good news is that they won’t eat away much of your time or money.

  1. Re-organize your bookshelves Bring out your favorites to the front. Also, bookshelves are not meant only for books. Jazz it up with a flower vase, family pictures or a piece of art that you most relate to.
  2. Add life to your rooms Bring in some plants. If you’re a beginner, the jade plant is a good place to start. If you’re forgetful, add succulents, or snake plants that don’t need much taking care of yet thrive indoors. If you like colors and flowers, peace lilies and geraniums are your go-tos.
  3. Create a cozy corner or a quiet room Rachel Cannon says, "A quiet room is a sanctuary from the stimulation and overwhelm that we encounter every day, where we can go and unwind, revive our energy, and give our brains and our senses a break." Everyone needs some me-time and creating a cozy corner or setting boundaries in a physical space helps you ease your mind.
  4. Explore your emotions with art Create or purchase a piece of art that mirrors how you’re feeling or is a reflection of your headspace. It can be a hand drawn portrait of you with your loved ones or a painting from an artist you adore.
  5. Add things that take you closer to your goals Write down what you want to achieve on a post-it. Place your journal where you can see it. Anything that gets your energy flowing will do wonders in your house. It pushes you to reach your aspirations.
  6. Set the mood by lighting more than just a candle Practice lighting incense or candles every morning or evening. Include an aroma in your self-care sessions. Along with look and feel, adding an aroma helps you embrace yourself and enjoy your space better.
  7. Rethink your lighting Replace your curtains with a lighter shade to bring in more of the natural light. Shift a source of artificial lighting. Place a laced cloth on your lampshade. It makes your room look fresh.
  8. Liven up with patterns and colors Use wallpapers not just in your rooms, but in entrances and hallways. Fawn Galli says, “Areas of transition can be places you enjoy spending time in.”
  9. Clutter or declutter, do what brings you joy If you like to collect artifacts or memorable things, flaunt your collection on a shelf. If you want to kindle a feeling of space and volume, declutter your way ahead.

We hope these ideas get you started or inspire some of your own. Whether internal or external, transformations are personal. So do what reflects your personality and have fun while doing it. We’re sure you’ll make your home beautiful and more like you.

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