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best incense for relaxation

Sometimes in life, you feel stuck. You feel the stress creeping up on you from all sides. Heavy workload and tight deadlines at work. No movement or exercise. Your thoughts don’t feel heard and what not. Are you experiencing them too?

Taking time off to relax and recharge is the best way to get back in the game. You’ll be full of energy to tackle what’s ahead. We made a list of aromas and best incense for relaxation to help you out.

#1 - Calm

Crafted with a blend of labdanum, amber and vanilla bean,

“Calm” unwinds your mood with its floral notes so very serene.

Vanilla tastes delicious and its aroma is calming as well. Research says that inhaling vanilla aroma calms newborns and helps reduce their crying. It works wonderfully for adults too. The refreshing aroma directly impacts your nervous system and helps you relieve stress.

Voila! Vanilla is now a favorite for two of your senses, your taste and smell. Imagine, you’re enjoying a cone of vanilla ice cream in a room that smells like vanilla. Relax in double the joy with “Calm”.

#2 - Rewild

Crafted with a blend of redwood, vetiver and musk

“Rewild” carries you closer to the earth, at dawn and dusk

There are some things that are soothing music to your ears, don't you think? Listening to a trickling stream of water. Or a burble of waterfall flowing along. Through evolution, we humans are trained to feel at peace when we’re around water and nature. Our body feels sheltered and relaxed.

The aroma of “Rewild” is crafted to remind you of the wild earth and its beautiful nature. There’s nothing like how nature unwinds and loosens you up.

#3 - Clarify

Crafted with a blend of sandalwood, saffron and jasmine

“Clarify” carves your space with confidence where its all win-win

We love Jasmine for how it induces positivity and spreads joy. Inhaling the scent of jasmine enhances your brain waves and mood. You feel fresh and comfortable while feeling rested.  The gentle aroma of sandalwood relaxes you emotionally. A blend of both is complete bliss for your mind and body.

If you’re a floral lover and want to relax, “Clarify” does the trick for you. Light the incense during a long warm shower or when you want to calmy listen to your own thoughts.

Anyway you want to feel, there’s an aroma for you. Adding aromas and incense to your relaxation routines tickles your sense of smell. It de-stresses your mind.

These three are on top of our list of best incense for relaxation. While these help everyone relax better, there might be other blends of aroma that work well for you. Experiment and find your favorites. Tell us about them in the comments so we can try them too.

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