Reignite Your Space.

Nourish Your Soul.

Incense designed to evoke feelings & emotions... Made with clean, sustainable ingredients and hand rolled by women artisans for the best aromatic experience.

3 Reasons Why

hundreds of customers are choosing Looshi Incense over the alternatives


Scents That Fill The Room

Blends crafted with unique ingredients that actually fill your room to craft a space to suite your intention.


Made With Organic Ingredients

These incense are made with an aromatic earthy paste of wild honey, essential oils and aromatic wood barks.


Hand Rolled In Small Batches

All of our sticks are hand rolled by women artisans to give the best aromatic experience.

Very high quality incense. I burn a lot, so I really have to watch out for incense with chemicals. This incense is all natural, and you can tell right away. Highly recommend!

Michael M.

Verified Buyer

Shop Our Variety Of Aromas

8 carefully crafted aromas that set your mood right.

The Natural Way To Create Aroma

Our incense is handcrafted, sustainable, eco-conscious and made according to a traditional Indian method.

Aroma From Natural Woods & Oils

Looshi incense is made with natural, sustainable ingredients, locally sourced from tropical forests in India.

Clean Ingredients & Chemical Free

Handcrafted in small batches using traditional Indian methods, Our incense is free from charcoal and any other toxic substance.

How Looshi is Different Than Other Options

Our incense is designed to make your space feel good — and help you create rituals and habits to be your best self.

Real aromas from nature's finest

Handcrafted by women artisans

Clean & Sustainable Coconut husk

Supporting talented women makers

Other Incense

Synthetic, artificial fragrances

Mass machine-made and dipped

Using toxic & unsustainable charcoal

Prioritizing profits over people and planet

Shop Our Variety Of Aromas

8 carefully crafted aromas that set your mood right.

Frequently Asked Questions

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