create incense sticks from hellolooshi.
create incense sticks from hellolooshi.
create incense sticks from hellolooshi.
create incense sticks from hellolooshi.
create incense sticks from hellolooshi.
create incense sticks from hellolooshi.
create incense sticks from hellolooshi.
create incense sticks from hellolooshi.

Create Incense

notes of Mandrin · Iris · Teakwood

made for a rush of energy

20 Hand-rolled Incense Sticks

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Create is ideal for inspiring a rush of energy or a boost of creativity. It’s perfect when you need to set the mood for lively get-togethers or warm intimate occasions.

The hug of a bright idea

  • Painting
  • Drawing

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Labor Of Love

Our incense comes from the heart. We take care to consider every part of the craft — from where our ingredients are sourced to how they’re rolled — so you can feel good about bringing Looshi into your home.

Our Incense Sticks Are





3 Reasons Why

hundreds of customers are choosing Looshi Incense over the alternatives


Made With Organic Ingredients

These incense are made with an aromatic earthy paste of wild honey, essential oils and aromatic wood barks.


Scents That Fill The Room

Blends crafted with unique ingredients that actually fill your room to craft a space to suite your intention.


Hand Rolled In Small Batches

All of our sticks are hand rolled by women artisans to give the best aromatic experience.

Made with Natural Ingredients:

  • Coconut Husk
  • Organic Raw Honey
  • Essential Oils

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  • 20 Incense Sticks Per Box
  • 60 Minutes Per Incense

Total Burn Time of 20 hrs

In partnership with communities in Bangalore, India, we roll every one of our incenses by hand like they were made thousands of years ago.


In buying this product you are also supporting communities focused on helping mental health awareness

- Light the end of the stick, blow out flame and place in holder.

- Ensure the incense burner is heatproof and non-flammable.

- Burn incense in a well-ventilated room and away from flammable materials.

- Never leave incense burning unattended or near children or pets.

- Enjoy a resignified space.

Looshi Incense Are Incredibly Easy To Use


Light The End Of The Stick,

Blow Out Flame And Place In Holder.


Burn In A Well-Ventilated Room

And Away From Flammable Materials.


Enjoy A Resignified Space.

Thousands of Happy Customers

We supply the aromas for thousands of happy customers worldwide. Learn why they love Looshi.


“The best incense I have burned in a while!”

Very high quality incense. I burn a lot, so I really have to watch out for incense with chemicals. This incense is all natural, and you can tell right away. Highly recommend!

Michael S.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Katherine L. (Miami, US)
A perfect, light scent

I use my intention incense during my morning practice. It has truly transformed my mornings and helps me stay present mentally and physically. The clarify blend is also another favorite! :)


Love this beautiful fragrance light not too intense all natural can’t say enough great things about Looshi!

Kathleen (Santa Barbara, US)
Dawning Soul bundle

I like the Clarify a lot more than Create. Ok.

Alla A. (Atlanta, US)
Very good quality

I definitely will buy more

Laurel (Los Angeles, US)
Love it

This smells so good! I love that the ingredients aren’t toxic either.