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4 secrets to a blue-free and mindful monday

We can’t skip Mondays but it turns out we can escape the Monday blues. For most of us, Mondays are chaotic because the week ahead is uncertain. Mondays are mundane and a drastic change from the fun weekend.

Are you nodding your head right now? We have a few tricks and tips that you’re going to love. No matter if you start your Mondays at 6AM or at 10AM, having a Monday morning routine gives you a healthy start and a dose of mindfulness to carry through the whole week.

Some people have forgotten the snooze button exists and gladly jump out of bed on Mondays. We’ve compiled the best pieces of advice and secrets to help you start your Monday on a healthy note. (The secrets are already at the back of your head, we’re just bringing them in front of your eyes.)

1. Manifest your goals for the week

manifest your goals

Writing down your to-dos/goals for the week clears your mind of the uncertainty. Having a clear list, either in your mind or on paper, gives you a spell of motivation to tick those tasks off and achieve your goals. It makes your actions intentional and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

“Monday morning particularly is the time when I really try to think about the important things I want to get done for the week, or deeper thoughts. I have a notepad and a pen and I often write down the three to five things I want to get done that week.”

Sundar Pichai, CEO - Google

To have a headstart on Monday mornings, manifest your goals at the end of the Friday when your to-dos are still at the top of your mind. This way, when you begin your week, you already have a thread to follow.

2. Don’t look at screens first thing in the morning

don't look at screens

When you’re not fully awake, checking your phone and being overloaded with information is overwhelming. It distracts your mind and pulls down the productivity meter.

“Eventually, you’ll have to let the world in, but try to at least hold off until you’ve had time to focus on yourself for a few minutes or do one or two things to prepare for the day ahead.”

Dr. Sanam Hafeez, Psychologist

Disappearing into a pile of work emails or falling down the rabbit hole of social media is only going to stress you out when it's the first thing you see after opening your eyes. Let the first thing you do on a Monday morning be something for yourself, something you enjoy doing.

3. Move your body for 10 minutes

move your body

Dedicating as little as 10 minutes to fitness every morning produces happy hormones (endorphins). It comes with fatigue but in a healthy way. It drives stress away and fills you with feel-good hormones instead.

“Exercise helps the body produce feel-good chemicals (endorphins) which can stimulate parts of the brain, help distract a person from anxiety as well as build confidence.”

Dr. Maggie Cadet, Rheumatologist

The less stress you have, the more energy and confidence you can build for the week ahead.

4. Enjoy a hearty breakfast

enjoy a hearty breakfast

One of the biggest breakfast misconceptions people have is eating right after you wake up. You don’t have to. If you wake up at 6AM, you might feel hungry a couple of hours later. Eating when you are hungry gives you the energy you need and enables you to eat healthy throughout the day.

“Eating a satisfying and balanced breakfast will allow you to hear appropriate hunger and fullness signals throughout the day.”

Elyse Resch, Nutrition Therapist

Also, take time to savor the meals you eat. Rushing through a healthy meal is as bad as having an unbalanced meal.

Having a healthy and well-set Monday morning routine can reframe your productivity, mood and mindfulness for the entire week. You’ll no  longer dread Mondays and the blues will soon become a thing of the past.

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