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what is the right way to choose and use incense sticks?

There’s nothing a refreshing aroma can’t solve. Whether you want to awaken your energy on a sleepy morning or want to fall asleep at night without a worry in your mind, a whiff of the right aroma will do the trick for you.

The sense of smell is the strongest sense in humans. Smell dramatically influences how we experience emotions and memories. That’s exactly why you love the company of fragrant incense and scented candles.

Aromas engulf you in glee and often take you down the lane of nostalgia. Incense aromas help you destress on a chaotic day. It renews your productivity on a dull afternoon.

While incense aromas are packed with so much goodness, they also have a few downsides. When they’re made of charcoal, the smoke they emit is harmful, especially for children and pets.

But it’s not all bad news. The good news is that there are incense brands who make them charcoal-free and completely harm-free. Here’s a guide on how you can choose the safe kind of incense for your home.

1. Look for organic, non-toxic incense brands
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Though incense is mostly made of charcoal today, the age-old tradition of incense making uses flowers, other plant extracts and has 0% charcoal. Some brands today have revived this age-old tradition by handcrafting incense sticks and making them with natural ingredients.

For instance, we at Looshi, craft our incense with honey and activated coconut shells, making it completely safe for your home and your health.

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2. Check the list of ingredients on the package
looshi change incense box open and highlighting the incense sticks

If you’re at the store, check the list of ingredients on the package before popping it into your shopping cart. As a rule, the package will include either the list of major ingredients or composition of the product. If you find anything on this list unsafe or harmful, it's best to avoid it.

Like most of us, if you are shopping online, make sure to read the product description and check for the ingredient list. The bonus of online shopping is customer reviews. You don’t have to take the brand’s word for it. The testimonials and review section of an e-commerce store will throw more light on the product.

3. Strike up a conversation with the brands on social media
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If you still don’t find the answers you are looking for, turn to the brands’ social media pages. Their social media content is a treasure that will say all about them. To be sure, strike up a conversation with them, ask your questions and get their recommendations.

Now that you’ve chosen safe incense sticks, there are a few tips to remember while using it.

1. Place the incense on an elevated platform

It’s best to place an incense on an elevated platform before lighting it. If you have children or pets at home, ensure the lit incense is out of their reach.

2. Use an incense holder

An incense holder supports the stick as well as catches ash. It will help you dispose of the ash safely (after the incense is fully extinguished) and ensure your stick is not in direct contact with any other surface.

3. Use a flameproof surface

Use a heat resistant surface like a metal table or a ceramic shelf to place your incense holder. Also, keep it away from papers, curtains and fixtures.

4. Place the incense in a well-ventilated room

Don’t light an incense in a room with no windows or in a closed cupboard. Keep your windows open and let air circulate in the room.

If these are taken care of while burning an incense, you can enjoy the aroma worry-free. With a little bit of care, these aromas will make you feel at your best and then there’s no going back. If you have anything to ask or something to add, write to us in the comments.

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