How many incense should I burn a day?

Burning an incense is an escape into themselves for some. Incense freshens up the living space with the magic of aroma for others. And some burn incense sticks to help them through a routine or a ritual. One way or another, burning incense sticks and immersing into its aromas is therapeutic for all of us.

We believe aromas have the power to transform our mood and actions.  And incense helps us experience them. If you’re new to incense and aromas, you’re probably wondering how many incense sticks you should burn in a day.

It’s tricky to put a number to it as there’s no one right answer. But it’s easy to figure out how many incense sticks you should burn in a day. It rests on your living space, your affinity with aromas and the incense itself.

Size and airflow of your space

An incense stick, on an average, burns for 60 minutes. But it leaves behind the aroma to last for few hours. So if you’re burning incense in a small-to-medium sized room, one incense stick a day is ample. If your space has more than 2 open windows with a constant flow of air, you can light upto 2 incense sticks a day.

Strength of the aroma

Aromas that are heavy and strong last more hours than milder aromas. If you like gentle scents for company, don’t light more than 1 incense stick a day. Some incense aromas are strong and waft in the air for longer hours. In this case, light your next incense after you notice the aroma toning down.

If you want to light an incense with a different aroma, we suggest you wait a few hours. Wait for the first aroma to disappear and the air to clear. Some combinations of aromas might not be so pleasant.

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Ingredients of the incense

The way of making and the ingredients used in the making are key in how the aroma makes you feel. If your incense is made of charcoal, it’s not a great idea to burn one everyday. The smoke is harmful to breathe in. If your incense is made with natural ingredients, it’s safe to make it a part of your daily routine.

Think of 3 things—how big or small your space is, how gentle or strong you like your aroma, and what ingredients the incense uses. You’ll have the answer to how many incense sticks you should burn a day. If you still don’t have a number, write to us and we’ll help you figure it out.

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