3 therapeutic reasons to add incense to your routine

Incense aromas light up your thoughts and clear your mind in therapeutic ways. They take you where your heart wants to go but your mind refuses to follow. They give you moments of happiness, or help experience the magic of the present.

Aromas fill you with courage to pursue your desires. They fill your thoughts with a sense of peace. With incense as your companion, you find treasures within yourself and around.

Beyond smelling splendid, incense aromas have perks you might not know. We’re opening up its secrets for you.

Loosens you up

We don’t say “stop and smell the roses” for no reason, do we? Like music, aromas have the power to calm you down. When you feel overwhelmed, aromas remind you to slow down and enjoy life. They help you to savor the beauty around and appreciate the finer things in life.

When you’re feeling overburdened with emotions, turn to aromas. They help you slow your pace and untangle yourself.

Favors your sleep

Lighting your favorite incense before going to bed helps to switch off from the world. It engulfs you in comfort as you drift off to sleep. Gentle aromas create an environment of rest through the night. Lavender is well-known to keep sleeplessness away.

When restlessness refuses to go away at night, let your favorite aroma help. You will discover sleep like you’ve never before.

Fuels your focus

Your thoughts are all over the place. You’ve started working on many ideas but can’t seem to finish any. Your attention keeps leaping from one thing to another. Have you been there? Enhance your space with aromas like peppermint and citrus to focus better. It helps you dive deep into anything you wish to do.

When your mind wanders off or thoughts get cloudy, let aromas in. They bring you the gift of concentration.

Incense and aromas help you find the comfort you’ve been looking for. They nurture you to bloom like wildflowers. And a whiff of it can be an instant mood-booster. While reasons to add incense to your routine are plenty, find yourself one that helps you feel your best.

For aroma suggestions, read home scentspiration.

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