Want To Feel Happier? These Aromas May Be Useful To You

You walk into your living room and you smell your favorite aroma in the air. Your lips curved into a smile, didn’t it? Yes, aromas can make you happy. Light a scented candle or burn an aromatic incense. It’s that simple to unlock your bliss.

Linda G. Levy, president of The Fragrance Foundation says, “The scents that make us happier are very specific to the individual”. Our memories and experiences link to how we feel about an aroma. These are a few commonly-loved aromas that enhance our mood and leave us feeling happier.


The rainbow isn’t the only good thing that follows the rain. It’s also the pleasant, earthy scent of rain air—Petrichor. It’s the only thing that can soothe us down when we’re stuck in a downpour without an umbrella. Other times, we open the living room windows to invite the mysterious aroma of rain kissing the soil in. And suddenly, the mood goes from gloomy to happy.


Wondered why cleansers are mostly citrus flavored? Vitamin C-packed fruits, especially lemon aromas can fill the air with refreshing energy. Adding citrus scents to your home makes you feel clean and happy. It leaves behind a positive impression on you.


Some people hang a bag of roasted coffee beans in their car. Some like setting up their workspace near a coffee machine to engulf in its aroma. No, you don’t have to drink it. Just the smell of coffee gives you a cognitive boost. It makes you feel energetic and good.


We give flowers to our loved ones to share happiness and express our joy. The calming aroma of lavenders or the sensuous feeling of roses, floral fragrances are an absolute delight. Place a vase of your favorite flowers by your desk. Or burn a floral incense to let happiness flow into your mood.

It looks like the key to bliss is a regular dose of your favorite aroma. One whiff of it and you become a happier person. Though aromas link with your memories and experiences, what counts is your cheerfulness. Add aromas in your routine and sniff the bliss to make your days pleasant.

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