Sensory Space: Design Your Space To Please Your Senses

Creating a home environment that’s a reflection of your heart, soul and mind is key to how you feel. It’s your haven where you can be yourself. Your home welcomes you in and immediately provides comfort no matter how you’re feeling. It encourages you to sit down and enjoy. It pleases your mood and can delight your senses too.

Here’s how you can make your home your sensory space. A treat for all your senses and not just your eyes.

A Subtle Sound

You sit on your couch with your eyes closed to relax and listen to your thoughts. You don’t want any uninvited companions. Like the sound of  a dripping tap or the sound of the wind hitting your window. Though sounds are subtle, they add character to your home. Whether you like complete silence or enjoy soothing music or a small indoor water fountain, make it part of your home.

A Familiar Sight

When you design your home, the first thing you think of is visuals. Colors are major elements of your home that can calm you down or get you excited. The right setting of light creates a sense of balance. Family pictures, and other nostalgic elements boost your well-being too.

A Gentle Aroma

Our sense of smell is the strongest of all our senses and yet is ignored while designing your home. The aromas we are familiar with evoke emotions within us, and take us back to old memories. Making these aromas part of your space uplifts your mood. Potpourri, scented candles, flowers, incense are all lovely ways to create a mood you enjoy at home. Checkout our popular Sensory Space bundle for some inspiration. 

A Magic Touch

When you see a couch, does your hand immediately go up to feel its surface? Why do you prefer fluffy, warm, wool blankets to keep you cozy instead of the regular cotton ones? Texture. Before actually touching it, we feel it through our eyes that draw us to touch it.  Having a mix of textures in your space provides interest and magical comfort.

Creating a sensory space around you does wonders. It keeps you in balance and in tune with yourself. Start with small sensory additions to your home environment. They influence your mood, motivate you to act and interact with yourself, and reduce stress. A multi-sensory experience helps you calm down, switch off, recharge or relax, anything that you feel like.

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