sensuous incense that scents your home with aroma of love

“An aroma sure to delight
In the calmness of the quiet
Creates a cocoon for you
With a passionate hue
Crafted with a blend of rose, musk and aloeswood,
“Sensuous” lights up your love and celebrates your mood”

love is generous and so is the celebration of love

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the world is celebrating the season of love. Beyond red roses and romance, love is inspiring and generous. And love is the element we added generously while making our incense—Sensuous. It is perfect to light up your love and celebrate your mood this Valentine’s season.

incense designed to please your senses

Sensuous is crafted to enhance feelings of love, passion, and pleasure. Either with yourself or with your loved ones.

Ancient stories reveal aloeswood was a part of the most powerful magical incense formulas even a millennium ago. It is an honest love spell, pleases your senses and draws your lover closer. And that’s why Aloeswood is another one of our ingredients that creates Sensuous.

self-love starts with being calm and kind

Love lifts up all relationships with great fondness. The best amongst them all is the relationship you have with yourself. Self-love is often intertwined with self-care. It starts with prioritizing yourself, listening to your mind and body. And roses are the perfect companion to help out.

“The most gratifying relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves.”

The fragrance of rose relaxes your mind and your body. It has favorable qualities that keep you calm and uplifted.

Research also says that sleeping near rose-scented incense gives your brain a learning boost. It helps you retain information that you acquired through the day.

And that’s why our craftspeople chose to hero the element of Rose in our most-cherished incense—Sensuous.

To know more about Looshi’s incense, read: Hello, My Name Is Incense and This Is My Story!

sensuous, for a sensual present

It is gentle and toxic-free, it is made of honey and perfect to surprise yourself or your loved-one, this valentine.

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