our secret to toxic-free incense: coconut husk

Incense-burning is a healthy lifestyle practice that spreads a sense of calm around you. Whether you want to listen to your body, embrace your energy or reunite with your thoughts, doing it with a side of aroma (incense/candles) brings in clarity.

The right kind of incense to accompany you through these sessions are the ones that are safe for your health and your home. They are the ones with no contaminating chemicals and that are toxic-free.

do toxic-free incense exist?

Yes, absolutely! Traveling backwards in time and history revealed that incense was made from plants, herbs and natural aromatic extracts. No charcoal, no chemicals were part of it back in the day. Turns out the traditional method of incense making is toxic-free and sustainable.

the secret of toxic-free incense

Do you devour tender coconuts on a sunny day? After borrowing its energy and refreshment, we throw the emptied coconuts away, don’t we? These coconuts shells and husks are our best friends at Looshi. They go into mindfully handcrafting our incense sticks, making it toxic-free and sustainable.

"Comes from earth and is entirely returned to earth again."

Coconut husks are turned into activated coconut charcoal. Blended with naturally aromatic plants, herbs and raw wild honey, it takes shape as Looshi’s incense.

how is Activated Coconut Charcoal different?

While charcoal produces harmful chemicals, activated coconut charcoal eliminates chemicals and impurities. Activated coconut charcoal is 80% carbon, and 100% pure. And so it produces very little smoke and leaves a non-toxic footprint.

Us, incense-makers, are fond of activated coconut charcoal for its detoxification and rejuvenation properties. For the same reasons, it is gaining popularity in healthcare and skincare industries too.

incense that comforts your health and your home

Activated coconut charcoal incense clears out trapped chemicals in the air and refreshes your thoughts. Accompanying aromas lighten your mind and make space for all the good things in life. It helps you focus on the present and reclaim your peace. It comforts your mindspace and your living space.

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