the ties between your wellbeing and wild raw honey

Human senses are the gatekeepers of the mind, body and soul. Pleasing your sense of smell (which is directly connected to the brain) blends your thoughts in harmony and brings your mind at peace.

Including aromas in your daily routine has a way of transforming your daily experiences for the better. Burning incense to diffuse its aroma sets the ambience, tunes your mood and feelings.

Different incense aromas have different motives. Even the gentlest of aromas are plentiful to steer your mind, body and soul to feel at ease.

Amongst the infinite scents on Earth, the sweet-warm aroma of honey is a favorite. It guides bad energy away from your home and mind, leaving you feeling pleasant and in balance of your emotions.

Under the clear blue skies

Tiny wildflowers danced in the breeze

Unthinkingly, they lured in the bumbling bees

And melted into sweet-smelling honey

The result of a love affair between flowers and bees, honey is a mingle of floral notes and natural fragrances. Its aroma is soothingly rich, warm and luxurious.

Motivates Mindfulness

Being fully present in the moment, being aware of what we’re doing, seeing and feeling is a practice of mindfulness. The rich aroma of wild raw honey helps relax your body and brings your mind to focus on the present.

Soothes Stress

Stress and anxiety is a battle within yourself. Giving way to the fragrance of honey helps let go of the battle within, and builds a fence of safety around. Wild raw honey relieves your stress by enhancing the feelings of shelter and care.

Allures Luck

In age-old rituals, people used honey in rituals to pray for a good crop in the season to come. The scent of honey has been closely tied with well-being and success. Whether you’re heading out for a first date, an interview, or a vacation, burning honey incense is a good luck charm.

Betters Sleep

Full nights of deep sleep is a blessing we long for. Indulging in the fragrance of honey in your bedtime routine creates a restful environment, helping you unwind and sleep better.

Burning incense sticks made of honey relieves stress and anxiety, encourages mindfulness and better sleep. At Looshi, wild raw honey is the heart of our craft. Our incense sticks are made with honey and are designed to be a therapeutic ally in your daily life. Experience the fullness of your well-being with the goodness of Looshi’s honey incense.

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