Home Scentspiration: The Perfect Aromas To Inhabit Fully in Every Room

Close your eyes. Imagine you are walking into your living room with a cup of coffee in the early morning hours. You settle down on your couch, look around and draw comfort. The decor and ambience of your home sets the mood and enhances your mindspace for the day.

Often, there’s one element missing in home decor—aroma. It’s the last piece of  the puzzle to your ambience. Though it has a strong influence in setting the mood, it is often forgotten.

Infusing your home with the charm of aromas adds warmth to your living space. It elevates the personality of each room, making them more functional, pleasant and inviting.

To find which aromas work well for each room, Fragrance expert, Rayda Vega suggests, “Think of it like music”. In the living room, we enjoy soft music whereas in the bedroom, we put on music that is relaxing. Same goes with scents and aromas.

Living Room

We love decking up our living rooms with flowers. The floral fragrance wafting in the air makes it enjoyable despite spending most of our time there. A subtle yet welcoming scent is a good choice for the living room. Subtle because it’s the most dynamic room and we spend most of our time there. Welcoming because it makes us and guests feel comfortable.

Living Room Scentspiration: Clarify by Looshi

Kitchen and Dining

With food and cooking smells lingering, the perfect addition to your kitchen and dining room is a citrusy aroma. It doesn’t compete with the deliciousness in the air. It keeps the space refreshed by clearing out stale odors. Herbaceous and citrus scents like thyme, lemon, grape etc are adept at making mealtimes delightful.

Kitchen and Dining Scentspiration: Create by Looshi


Creating the right environment in your study and work space is key to growing productivity. Creativity flows when you feel inspired and focused. Aromas like rosemary, cinnamon and lemon are known to increase attention and focus. At times, study/work also sparks stress and we need to feel relaxed and refreshed. Adding in aromas of lemongrass and lavender helps you feel light and keep your energy high.

Study/Office Scentspiration: Vivacity by Looshi


Switching off and unwinding at the end of a long day instantly takes you to your bedroom. The creamy yet light notes of vanilla is your sleep’s favorite companion. Aromas like vanilla, amber, lavender are soothing. It spreads tranquil and therapeutic feelings in the air while toning down disturbances for a restful sleep. A touch of floral scents like rose and sandalwood every now and then keeps the romantic passion alive.

Bedroom Scentspiration: Calm & Sensuous by Looshi

When you don’t have any incense or candles lit, soak in the power of fresh air through windows.  Blending in the right aromas in your home are truly transformative in helping you inhabit fully. No matter what feeling you want to evoke in your rooms, there’s an aroma ready for you.

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